COVID 19 Safety Guidance

These guidances will be used for in person sessions as per the UK government guidance.

Find the following guidances by the government and church currently in place:

  • All students will need to check in on the NHS App. (please follow link here: ) and I will be keeping a log of who attends for those who do not have the app.
  • All students will need to bring their own mat(s), brick, blanket, and belt for class
  • Arriving as close to the start time of class as possible which is 6:30PM
  • Wearing a mask when entering the building until you arrive on your mat. 
  • Maintaining a 2 m distance at all times
  • washing your hands for 20 seconds in the toilet across from the office and using hand sanitiser upon arrival(sanitiser will be provided but if you prefer your own feel free to bring it).
  • Shoes to be left by the door to the hall
  • Placing your mat in back of a marker left on the floor. (these will be premeasured out for 2m distance before you arrive)
  • All personal items to be kept on a table/chair by your mat
  • If possible all breathing during class should be done through the nose
  • We will not be practicing any pranayama or breathwork that is exhaling out of the mouth, strong in nature (ie: kapalabhati or brastrika) 
  • There will be no loud chanting or singing
  • We will need to stay on our mats for the duration of the class
  • If you need to use the loo you will keep 2m distance whilst leaving  and returning to the room, washing hands for 20 secs., and wear a mask.
  • We will need to use sanitiser and wash our hands before leaving the building. 
  • The entry door to the hall and side door will be open for ventilation. We are the only people in the building at that time. 
  • There will be cleaning supplies available to wipe your equipment.
  • If there is anything left behind I will bring it home with me and bring back the following week.
  • I will be contacting you via WhatsApp and/or email to check in about your health status on Wednesday mornings.
  • Should further restrictions come back into place, it feels generally unsafe for one’s own health, or numbers that can attend get too low (less than 3). We will again resume online.

To review guidance yourself please click or copy and paste the link below:

Thank you ,Diana, for such a wonderful class. Your classes are fun and I feel so relaxed afterwards.

Beginner Yoga Student, Unwind and Rejuvenate Hatha Yoga