After dabbling in yoga and meditation for a number of years, in 2007 Diana became a serious student of yoga to help heal an injury and manage the stresses of her job. Yoga has helped to build Diana’s confidence, gain strength in body and mind, and provide a place to let go of the daily stresses. Yoga is a passion that she enjoy sharing with others.

Diana has been enjoying teaching yoga since November 2015 first as a student-teacher then as a qualified instructor since July 2016. She later went on to complete her Yoga Therapy Diploma in April 2019 from Yogacampus and is now registered with the UK Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council as a Yoga Therapist. More recently she complete her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher Training through Mindfulness UK. Diana has a gentle, non-dogmatic approach to meeting people where they are and working alongside them to enhance their physical and mental well-being.

Alongside her usual classes Diana also presented a workshop on stress for the wonderful organisation that helps families expecting or who have young children to become the best version of themselves, Parents as First Teachers-UK (www.parentsasfirstteachers.org.uk), during their Annual Network Day. This was to help their project workers identify stress in themselves as well as the families they work with and give them some tools on how to reduce stress using office yoga and breath work. Diana was also honoured to have done live Skype sessions and recorded sessions with a yoga teacher friend for Friendsline (www.friendsline.org) to enhance the overall well-being of women living in rural India. Diana is pleased to provided workshops on stress, anxiety, and self-care to groups of carers for Wandsworth Carer Centre to enhance their ability to look after themselves in order to care for others. More recently she has also provided a therapeutic yoga workshop for RC Suffolk to enhance mental well-being of those that have survived rape and domestic violence.

Some of the conditions Diana has worked with as a Yoga Therapist include stress, burnout, anxiety, back pain, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, asthma, post-cancer recovery, cardiac condition, trauma, and depression.

Diana has been honoured to study with some renowned teachers such as Judith Lasater, Rod Stryker, Rolf Sovik, Doug Keller, Gary Kraftsow, Graham Burns, Susanne Lahusen, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Charlotte Watts, Heather Mason, Laurent Roure, Karen Atkinson, and Lisa Kayley-Isley. Diana has deepened her knowledge about yoga philosophy, history, texts, sequencing, postures(asanas), breathwork(pranayama), yoga nidra, prenatal yoga, meditation, and restorative yoga in order to better serve her students. Diana believes that she always is learning and is a student, too! For extra fun she enjoys gardening, walks in nature, and cooking tasty meals and treats!

When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life.  When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I wrote down ‘happy’.  They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.

— John Lennon

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“I came to a yoga class initially for physical health reasons as I wanted to retain as much suppleness & flexibility as I could as I aged. I had a demanding job and many other commitments  & my weekly class was something for me. However what I’ve learned over the years is that my yoga practice is so much more than physical  postures- the importance of the breathing techniques, the meditation & the mind are all part of it. It has also helped me to relax with all the inevitable ups and downs of life. I miss the class & its benefits if I am unable to attend.
Yoga is part of who I am and I can’t imagine life without it.”

All Saints Church Relax and Unwind Student

….it was wonderful to be able to offer them something soothing and nourishing.

We had some lovely feedback from a couple of the participants who would love to have you back!

So a massive thank you for coming. You have a special gift to bring calm and wellbeing to those under stress.


Therapeutic yoga session for Wandsworth Carer’s Support Group, Facilitator feedback