After exploring meditation with a bit of yoga since the 1990s, in 2007 Diana became a serious student of yoga to help support herself through an injury, grief, and manage the stresses of her job. Yoga has helped to build Diana’s confidence, gain strength in body and mind, enhance resilience, and provide a place to let go of the daily stresses. She uses these experiences along with the practices she has learned through her teachers and continued learning to empower her students in enhancing their own well being.

Diana has been enjoying teaching yoga to a wide range of students of varying degrees of yoga experience and age since November 2015 as a qualified teacher and yoga therapist completing both her trainings at Yogacampus. Diana is now registered with the UK Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC) as a Yoga Therapist. She has also complete her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher Training through Mindfulness UK. Diana currently supervises trainee yoga therapists and teaches modules on the Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Diploma course. She is also one the Founding Members of the Yoga Therapy Association in the UK. Diana has a gentle, non-dogmatic approach to meeting people where they are and working alongside them to enrich their physical and mental well-being.

Diana continues her learning with her primary teachers, Lisa Kaley-Isley and Graham Burns. Diana believes that she always is learning and is a student, too, taking courses to continue to evolve as a teacher and therapist to best serve her students. Some of these courses include pregnancy yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation teacher training, yoga for stress/anxiety/depression, yoga nidra, and pranayama.

For extra fun she enjoys gardening, walks in nature, a bit of travel, and cooking tasty meals and treats to share!

Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.

— Brene Brown

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Some of the comments following the sessions:

“I felt relaxed at the end after the breathing. We need to remember how to breath especially as we get older. Thank you.”  Student

“I feel like I can move my arms and legs more freer now.”   Student

“I find listening to your voice during meditation soothing and relaxing. I feel like I just took a nap and have more energy.” Student

Mindful Movement , St. Leonard’s Church Streatham

What I like about these sessions is that I am finding out more about myself and who I am. The work we do goes well with the exercises I get from my physio. Sometimes making them more accessible.

Yoga Therapy Student, Stress and recovering from injuries