Yoga Therapy Online Supervision

Individual and Group Supervision

“Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.”

― C. Assaad

Benefits of Supervision for Yoga Therapists

Supervision provides the exploration and discussion of new ideas. It builds on the knowledge and ideas of the yoga therapist encouraging self reflection and growth as a yoga therapist benefits both the students/clients and the therapist. Supervision promotes both professional and personal development, reflection, and well-being. It can increase problem solving skills as the mentor yoga therapist, other yoga therapists, and the individual yoga therapist discuss issues, ways of working, theoretical/philosophical ideas, and practical knowledge together. Sometimes two or more heads are better than one. This can lead to better outcomes for the students/clients you see. With the support of a supervisor a yoga therapist can feel empowered, motivated, and increased satisfaction in their work. Supervision helps to promote professional knowledge, boundaries, ethics, and is a form of self-care for the yoga therapist.

Types of Supervision:

Online Individual Supervision

This is an hour long one to one supervision session. The focus of the session is spent exploring what the yoga therapist wishes to prioritise for the session. A form will be sent out prior to the session to gain perspective of their priorities. These priorities, for example, can include but are not limited to: how to work with an individual student, personal issues that come up during sessions with students, particular issues in the yoga therapist’s life, and continued learning and exploration of yoga and yoga therapy. These sessions can be as often as a therapist feels they need to meet their individual needs and goals.

Availability for one hour sessions:

Monday afternoon/evenings; Wednesday afternoons; Thursday afternoon/evenings; Sunday afternoon/evenings. Should a morning time be preferred please contact me to discuss the timing as there are some mornings that may work on these days.

The cost of an individual session will start from £50 for new qualified yoga therapists or those attending group sessions and £70 for more experienced yoga therapists.

Online Group Supervision

These monthly sessions will include from 2-4 students. We will explore a variety of ideas regarding yoga and yoga therapy in a small group setting. Each person will be given time to share what their priorities are for the session. A form will be sent before the session asking each yoga therapist what their priorities/topics will be for that session. The group will have time to discuss each person’s idea. Group supervision allows for individuals to learn and share collectively. When we can share an idea and teach it to another we know that has been learnt and absorbed within us. Meeting collectively provides the opportunity to share experiences and ideas in safe environment led by an experienced yoga therapist.

Availability for group sessions will be:

Monday afternoon/evenings; Wednesday afternoons; Thursday afternoon/evenings; Sunday afternoon/evenings. Should a morning time be preferred please contact me to discuss the timing.

Timing of the sessions will be as follows: 2 people will be 60 minute; 3 people 75 minutes; and 4 people 90 minutes.

The cost for the sessions will be £25 per person.

Please use the contact page to request supervision and I will be in contact shortly.


” I have really enjoyed my supervision with you. You helped me to see things from a different perspective and in ways I would never have before. I would not have thought of some of the issues the way I did without your guidance. I was able to talk about both my students and myself during the sessions, which was so helpful.”

Yoga Therapist 2022

“Thank you for your guidance and support. You seemed to know what my student needed each time we spoke! You helped me to understand more about the yoga models explaining them in a way I was able to understand. I really appreciate your kind and supportive approach and the guidance that you’ve given.”

Yoga Therapist 2023

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