School-Staff Yoga, Head of Early Years

“The main reason I come to yoga is that I find it a fantastic way to switch off. My mind becomes so focused on my own body and breath. I spend a great deal of my time focused on other people, it’s one of the rare moments in my week that I “give back to myself”. It’s especially demanding teaching children so young who need my constant attention so it’s a lovely change of pace. “
The thing that’s surprised me the most is how I’ve discovered yoga really is a mind, body and soul exercise. Although I’ve been doing it off and on for years I’ve never really appreciated that fact. Whilst my body is pretty much as flabby as ever my soul and mind feel far lighter as a result of doing yoga regularly and l have come to appreciate that in equal measure, if not more so, than a super toned body. I always find I become so relaxed when I go into savasana that when class is over I feel reborn!”